Car rental prices

Whitout a car you will miss all the beauty Bonaire has to offer. If you are staying in Bon Cas means you can walk to the city center but we recommend a car. In bon Kuarts and Casa Opalia a car is a necessity.

We rent out3 cars. 2 toyota Hillux pick ups and an Opel vectra estate.

For divers  the Pick UP is ideal, but if you are with only 2 people, you can also store the dive gear in the Opel. Of course, the Pick up will give you the real island feeling. And when you want to go to the park Washington Slagbaai it's not allowed with the Opel because the roads there are to bad .

The cars are in good condition and get their maintenance on time. They have no airconditioning.

The rental price includes all insurance. The own risk is maximum 300 euro. Make sure you have a valid driver's license.

The rental price of the Opel is 25 euros per day.

The rental price of the Pick Ups is 42,50 euro per day.

We assume that you handle the car  like it's your own car. The roads on Bonaire are bad so be carefull with the holes in the road. All bushes and trees have thorns and they scratch very bad. Don't go sit in the car with your wet swimsuits , but put a towel on your seat.

And caution!!!  On crossroads traffic from the right hand must wait!!   Straigt ahead goes first.