Bonaire: Divers Paradise

Bonaire is a paradise for diving and snorkeling !!

The turquoise blue sea is very inviting and  nice, warm and bright. In addition, Bonaire offers 63 official  dive sites and one you can walk in  the sea for snorkeling t allong the whole west coast. Afterwards, just dry up in the sun and look over the water staring at the amazing views. There are many small beaches where you can sit nice and private, but generally the coast on Bonaire has a lot of rocks and coral.  At some places one can swim easily but usually you have to look out for the coral bebeat the surface.

Snorkeling is easy due to the high salinity of the sea . You float very easily. And you can immediately start snorkling one step from the shoreand.The currents and waves  are generally weak. Under water there's  a whole new world . Colorful fish swim everywhere and you don't need to be far offshore in order to see all this beauty. We were snorkeling 15 metres from the shore and met a manta ray ! And also turtles, parrotfish and  Eagle Rays are frequently encountered while snorkeling. And don't forget to take a dive or to go snorkling in the morning or late in the afternoon. At that time  other animals are active!!!

Diving requires some more preparation. Get your  certification at home or on Bonaire at one of the many diving schools. This can be done in 3 or 4 days. Then you can dive on your own or make a a boat trip . While diving you see beautiful corals along the drop offs . Each dive site is different. For the advanced divers there is the possibility of wreck and cave diving . A boat trip to the wild coast in the East a great experience.

All the necessary materials and divecourses are avaiable at the diving schools for sale and for rent. The people are friendly and it is relaxed.

Anyone who dives or snorkels needs a "Tag". These are for sale at the diving schools and cost $ 25 per year